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How do you just keep going? It's a question a lot of us are asking right now.
A registered mental health nurse and CAP counsellor speaks about her own experience.
This World mental Health Day is unusual in that rather than having a specific theme it is simply entitled, ‘Mental Health for All’. Covid has had the most profound impact on global mental wellbeing of any single event since WWII.
Burnout is a complex set of experiences and reactions, and perhaps the most challenging thing about it is how hard some of those loops are to break out of.
Why do we join and stay in churches?
I sense that this is a really important question for us to address here at MASF because it's a very common concern amongst Christians who have mental health issues.
As adults, it can seem overwhelming to help our children deal with their emotional response to the coronavirus crisis, when we may not even know how to handle it for ourselves.
How one church started a running group to combat the mental distress of COVID-19