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Monsters often catch us in those quiet moments, and the night when we are exhausted and alone is the worst time to be ambushed. Here are 5 ways to manage them.
How humans change, what happens when we don’t or can’t change, and some ways to move forward
I know that as much as I want to believe anger is a God-given emotion that is essential to my wellbeing, I am struggling. Nobody wants to be known as an Angry Pastor - it’s an oxymoron, isn’t it?
Festival season is rapidly approaching and for many of us this is a time of both expectation and apprehension. If you have a mental health condition or are vulnerable to low mood or anxiety, Christian festivals can be particularly challenging...
Fighting emotional ill health is tough. But what about those on the sidelines supporting those who are struggling?
We often see stories of people being sent hundreds of miles away for inpatient care. Is there a better way?
We are made for relationships, for connection and to be in community with one another. This isn’t always easy but it’s reassuring to know that whatever we have been through others have also been through too...
One question I get asked really regularly is about sharing my emotional/mental health struggles online. Having just written a book with the subtitle, “Discovering the confidence to lead with vulnerability”, I guess its not surprising!...