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This Easter I was made redundant after a long period of mental ill health...
How wonderful it would be if we could we follow Jesus in His compassion, and show acceptance, care and love.
Is God up there and out of touch, or down here and out of ideas? Or is He neither - but in both places? What does the Easter story tell us about how to understand mental illness?
Problem worry is a very painful and common issue. Sometimes well meant but poorly thought through advice fuels the issue. This articles helps you to go back to basics and make sure you are using the right approach to settle your troubled mind...
This Extended Story describes Ruths journey and also offers some advice that has been helpful to her. Updated in 2018
I have lived with OCD for 21 years. Over that time it has tricked me, screamed at me, threatened to leave me, lied and twisted the truth, sulked for days on end, kept me awake fearing the future night after night after night. It has kept me prisoner...