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logo square 300 Seminars at HTB Focus 2012
Audio now available too - as well as information, handouts and powerpoint for three seminars for this summer's HTB Focus more ...
Rob Waller

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Healing TogetherRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.
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Stayin' AliveRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To change is to live..,” but what next? What does it mean to stay emotionally healthy? There are no gyms, no five-a-day and no Olympics on the horizon. So here are some tricks of the trade: have healthy habits, discover discipleship and learn to r-e-l-a-x.
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Making ChangesRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To live is to change..,” or so goes many an inspirational quote. But we are notoriously bad at this. You will learn how humans can change and how they dig their heels in. We will cover the role of friends, faith and ferapists [sorry].
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Healing Community Testimony - Quicktime [.mov]Fellowship of Healing
Other Conferences
Length:10 minutes
Christian Fellowship of Healing prayer secretary Kirsty Urquhart tells her story of love, acceptance and healing in a robust and long-lived community
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HTB Focus - The Church, Mental Health and SpiritualityRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Given at Holy Trinity Brompton's summer festival called 'Focus' - this seminar covers how churches can be more mental health friendly and looks at some common themes people ask about the church and mental health. See original talk at
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