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The Power of Belonging talkRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:58 minutes
Rob speaks about The Power of Beloning from his book to the staff and residents at Mercy UK
TPOB Rob - 08:06:2019, 12.52Listen Download M4A Audio 110.9MB (58:54)
Moses - a Psychological AutopsyRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:40 minutes
Reference:Exodus 2:1-6:1
Moses struggled with shame and social anxiety. This affected his leadership. Learn how he made a key decision and took a long journey to find his sense of belonging - and his leadership as a result.
MP3 AudioListen Download 39.3MB
Interview in a local churchRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:45 minutes
An interview with Rob Waller and Susanne Beitan about mental illness and what the church can do about it. A church counselling service is described. Also, two very helpful testimonies from people who have personal experience of mental ilness in their families and themselves
MP3 AudioListen Download 32.1MB
The church and mental healthRob Waller
Length:40 minutes
Reference:John 21:15-22
A talk given at a local church by Rob Waller, covering the main issues, and including a simple exposition of John 21. Slides also available.
MP3 AudioListen Download 8.6MB
GuiltRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Many people are paralysed with guilt. Guilt robs you of freedom, peace and joy. It can make you feel unacceptable or isolated. Jesus’ forgiveness is the ultimate remedy for guilt, but even for those who believe, guilty feelings can still present a lingering problem. This talk aims to differentiate between our true guilt, for which forgiveness is needed, and false guilt, for which a psychological approach will help
MP3 AudioListen Download 40.4MB
IntroductionRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:10 minutes
An overview of the last ten years since Mind and Soul started, and an introduction to the day
MP3 AudioListen Download 12.6MB
Youth Ministry and Mental HealthRob Waller
Length:40 minutes
Rob Waller talks about the key mental health issues involved in doing youth work in churches - anorexia, self harm, addiction - as well as the mental health of youth leaders themselves. From
MP3 AudioListen Download 27.8MB
Personality DisordersRob Waller
Length:5 minutes
Dr Rob Waller, one of the Directors of Mind and Soul [] and a Consultant Psychiatrist talks about personality disorders, especially Borderline Personality Disorder and where help is available.
QuickTime VideoWatch Download 134.2MB
21st Century ChallengesRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:15 minutes
What are the particular pressures we will face over the next ten years. A lively vision of the future.
MP3 AudioListen Download 9.1MB
Healing TogetherRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.
MP3 AudioListen Download 18.5MB
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