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You TurnDr Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:38 minutes
Keynote from the Mind and Soul "Running On Empty" conference.
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StressDr Kate Middleton
Thrive Series - Dr Kate Middleton
Length:45 minutes
How do you de-stress when you can't (or don't want to) do less?
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ConfidenceDr Kate Middleton
Thrive Series - Dr Kate Middleton
Length:45 minutes
Confidence is vital to grow and flourish as a human - but what do you do if you know yours isn't great? How can we grow our confidence so it is good enough to give us the courage to try new things and find success?
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AnxietyDr Kate Middleton
Thrive Series - Dr Kate Middleton
Length:45 minutes
Anxiety is a vital human emotion - but it is also the emotion which causes the most problems - and increasingly affects many people. So how do we manage anxiety without becoming afraid of fear itself?
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ResilienceDr Kate Middleton
Thrive Series - Dr Kate Middleton
Length:45 minutes
Resilience is such a buzz word of our culture - but what is it? And how does the way we respond to life's storms help us to still be standing when they have passed?
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SleepDr Kate Middleton
Thrive Series - Dr Kate Middleton
Length:45 minutes
Sleep is a natural human instinct and utterly essential for our health and wellbeing - but what do you do when sleep just won’t come? And how do you fit good sleep into a 24/7 lifestyle?
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Superhuma - achieving the impossible without destroying yourselfDr Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:50 minutes
From the HTB Leadership Conference 2018
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Mental WellnessDr Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
Kate Middleton speaks about how the church can make a positive contribution to mental health
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On Fire or Just Burning Out?Dr Kate Middleton
Access Pack
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Stress and burnout are major issues in our society today, but how do we balance the demands of our passion and our society to push the limits, with our human needs and limitations? What can the Bible teach us - and those we support - about burnout and how to truly meet our potential?
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Generation DistressDr Kate Middleton
Access Pack
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Emotional and mental health problems in children and young people – how your church needs to respond. This seminar will help you to think about what you can do to make a difference. We will look at the severity of the problem, consider preventative steps, and how we might promote good emotional health. With frontline mental health services in crisis, how can you and your church help save minds and save lives?
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