Personal Freedom - How the Gospel can be good for your mental health

This book is a useful tool for an in-depth study of Scripture in relation to mental health and personal well-being. It is not a ‘quick fix’ recipe, nor does it offer to be. The burden of content is more suited to believing Christians than to non-believers. Those who have not spent much time in church may find the language and references difficult to understand. However, the book is well researched and packed full of Biblical truth. [Review by Hillery]

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In an increasingly complex and stressful world, people are insecure, anxious, tired and depressed. There is an ongoing search for a greater sense of identity, purpose and freedom. Sincere attempts are made to find satisfying answers; many are left with frustration and despair. This book aims to show how the gospel, properly understood and embraced, can potentially have a positive impact on a believer's mental health. The goal is to help people move from brokenness to maturity in the power of Christ, that they may be better equipped to love and serve Him.

About the Author

Dr Ken Yeow works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He serves actively in his local church in the areas of discipleship and pastoral care. His desire is to promote the development of God-focused, gospel-centred, grace-based help for people in need.

Ken Yeow, 09/12/2014
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