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Agoraphobia Locked in: Understanding Agoraphoboia 
After a season of lockdowns, Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya takes a look at Agoraphobia, the fear of crowded spaces and/or going outside. What is it, and what are the treatments? more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
OCDDemystify-web Demystifying OCD 
OCD affects 1 in 50 people. In this article Dr Chi Chi Obuaya helps us understand exactly what it is, and treatment options. more ...
Chi Chi Obuaya
antidepressants The truth about antidepressants 
A study reported today has generated a lot of articles about antidepressant medications. But what is the truth about them? Here are our answers to the most common questions. more ...
Kate Middleton
Hopeless Cases?
Is there ever such a thing as a 'hopeless case'? more ...
Kate Middleton