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Covid Psychosis Fact or Fictio Covid Psychosis: Fact or Fiction? 
Recent news coverage has reported that the rate of psychosis has increased over the last year during the pandemic. Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya gives some practical advice. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
3381 Experiencing Postpartum Psychosis
Over 1300 women experience PP each year in the UK (1 to 2 in every 1000 deliveries). It can be hard to find high quality information about PP. more ...
Naomi Gilbert
Christopher-Cook-Hearing-Voice Hearing Voices
Are voice hearers responding to illness or hearing the voice of God. This new book maintains that an easy distinction is probably not possible. more ...
Rob Waller
rangi A mind maintained
Skills Paul has learnt from over 25 years on medication more ...
Paul Warwick
wooden-baby-jesus Who is the Real Jesus?
Some people believe they are Jesus because they are ill. Some people just don't believe the Truth more ...
Rob Waller
wilderness Wandering in the Wilderness
A poem about recovery from the wilderness of acute mental illness more ...
Sophie Ballard
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