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Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1721 5 Spiritual Lies Depression Will Tell You..
For Christians, depression can feel distinctively ‘spiritual’ and will provoke significant anxiety around the quality of a person’s faith. Here are 5 common ‘spiritual‘ lies that we see forming in a depressed Christian… more ...
31d90d99e70f3f75c5cdc8ad7ed67c Christians Shouldnt Get Depressed?
Great truths from Scripture can sometimes leave us feeling more guilty and worthless than you did before more ...
Richard HH Johnston
mindful or mind full Mindfulness: friend or foe? 
Mindfulness gets a mixed press but some recent reports have claimed it could sometimes be harmful. What is the truth about mindfulness, and how should we approach it if wanting to give it a go? more ...
Shaun Lambert
scaffolding Mindfulness with a Christian Scaffolding
Mindfulness within the Christian perspective is about not forgetting the things of God but remembering them. But also about remembering them in the right way more ...
Shaun Lambert
logo square 300 The Worst kind of 'Christian' Distortions about Depression
You may have seen some terribly distorted 'Christian' views of depression on UK TV recently - 4ThoughtTV. This is my response to what I think to be the worst of them. I hope you find it helpful... more ...
Will Van Der Hart
mindfulness How can Mindfulness be secular, Buddhist or Christian?
Is mindfulness the property of any special group or rather a generic ability of the human mind? more ...
Shaun Lambert
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