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happy face Simple steps for better mental health
On world mental health day, what can we all do to look after our emotional and mental health? more ...
Kate Middleton
Unhealthy professionals
Should mental health professionals be 100% healthy? Should they have had a personal experience of mental illness? Should they have 'sorted themselves out before they try to help others? What does Christianity have to say about this? more ...
Rob Waller
5 Five top tips
What are the five most important things I can do to stay emotionally healthy? This is our ‘agony aunt’ list. more ...
Rob Waller

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Stayin' AliveRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To change is to live..,” but what next? What does it mean to stay emotionally healthy? There are no gyms, no five-a-day and no Olympics on the horizon. So here are some tricks of the trade: have healthy habits, discover discipleship and learn to r-e-l-a-x.
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