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women 16 things not to say
All these unhelpful and unintended things have been said to people with mental health problems. Can we do better? more ...
Alan and Amanda Stephenson
community hub2 Sunday morning’s not enough
The traditional part-time schedule of church family meetings doesn’t allow much opportunity for genuine pastoral care. Could yet more be done? more ...
David Pattison
logo square 300 Faith, Mental Illness and Community
For those of us who are dealing with mental illness, coming into faith or maintaining faith can seem, without an instant miracle, like a mountain too high to climb or a journey to long to endure. more ...

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Healing TogetherRob Waller
Other Conferences
Length:45 minutes
“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.
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Worry and How To Deal With ItWill Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Identity - a sermon from a recent Mental Health Sunday we ran. Church communities - how they can help your mental health.
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