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Covid on my mind - 8 February 2021.mp3Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:36 minutes
Audio of a Christians in Parliament online lunchtime event on Monday 8th February 2021 when Rachael Maskell MP chaired a panel discussion which reflected on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our mental wellbeing and provided practical tips on how to survive and thrive in this challenging season.
Covid on my mind - 8 February 2021.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 31.2MB (36:16)
Schools and Teachers' Mental Health and Wellbeing.m4aKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:25 minutes
Kate talks to Andy Wolfe from 'Called, Connected Committed' about the current challenges for school leaders and ‘Headstrong’ - a new resource to support young people. See more CCC podcast episodes at
GMT20210114-150221_Andy-Kate-.m4aListen Download M4A Audio 23.5MB (25:47)
Mental Health & WellbeingKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Kate speaks to New Ground about staying healthy and mentally well
Mental Health & Wellbeing - Dr Kate Middleton.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 54.9MB (1:00:00)
Wellbeing JourniesKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:20 minutes
Kate speaks to Dave Smith from Hope Together who curates their 'Wellbeing Journey' podcast
Interview with Dave Smith Wellbeing Journey for podcast(1).m4aListen Download M4A Audio 18.3MB (20:05)
Managing Stress during Covid-19Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 4 minutes
Kate does a live Q&A at Christ Church London
Live Q&A - Managing Stress during Covid-19 with Dr Kate Middleton.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 59.4MB (1:04:50)
Mindfulness and resilience: weathering the storms of childhood and adolescenceKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
A talk from the First National Mindfulness Day for Christians
MP3 AudioListen Download 19.6MB
Compassionate CaringKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:45 minutes
The bible is clear that we are called to be caring people. But when - or why - is caring difficult and how do we stretch the way we care without hitting our own limits? What might the bible - and current research on the power of compassion - teach us about how to care better? Video also available from -
MP3 AudioListen Download 19.3MB
Why am I so unhappy?Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Growing up in the 21st century is not easy. Many teenagers regularly find themselves struggling with emotions and moods which feel overwhelming and out of control. Increasing numbers become caught in cycles of behaviour which can cause them even more difficulty - self harm, substance abuse, risky behaviour and problems with eating and body image. But why are they so prone to these problems? What is it about growing up in our modern culture, which makes them so much at risk? And how can we help them to
MP3 AudioListen Download 54.9MB
If we claim to be without emotionKate Middleton
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
...then we deceive ourselves. In this talk, Kate explains why emotions are central to who we are, that you don't really want to be like Mr Spock from Star Trek. However, if you allow yourself to feel emotions, these can be nasty as well as nice!
MP3 AudioListen Download 36.7MB
‘If we claim to be without emotion...’Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Emotions are crucial to the way our brains operate. But for Christians some emotions can be seen as ‘undesirable’; even sinful. This seminar explains what emotions really are for, and considers how attempts to suppress them can itself lead us into sin. What should we change about the church’s attitude toward emotions?
MP3 AudioListen Download 22.1MB