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Looking back on my 15 year old piece on the 7/7 terrorist attack in London and their influence upon my anxiety.
Working from home sounded like some futuristic utopia; discarding the stresses of work commutes, we would wake up late and finish early. Propping up our laptops on our pillows we would chill through online conference calls wearing sports gear...
One of my many concerns is that young people will operate out of a position of fear; a fear that they will at some point risk being dragged down and their reputations destroyed when they inevitably make mistakes.
With school still out for many, it's been described as a ‘national disaster’. But how much impact will this time out of school really have - and what can we do to minimise any negative effects?
This is not another story of forgetting and pushing down but rather a distressing acknowledgement of the reality of so very many people.