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tumblrme8hbxkFL71re1snbo1500 The concept of Present Contemplation
This a a fantastic technique to use when struggling with floating worries and troubling thougts. Based on the biblical model of watchful prayer it is a powerful tool in your armoury. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
logo square 300 The Worst kind of 'Christian' Distortions about Depression
You may have seen some terribly distorted 'Christian' views of depression on UK TV recently - 4ThoughtTV. This is my response to what I think to be the worst of them. I hope you find it helpful... more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Advent Stress Buster
An article in The Daily Telegraph on November 7th 2009 stated, “This country is the most individualistic society in the world…levels of depression and anxiety among Britons are also some of the highest in the world”. more ...
Will Van Der Hart