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dice Diagnosis - for good or ill?
Being given a diagnosis can be extremely helpful as it gives a name, support and treatment options. However diagnosis or ‘having a diagnosis’ can have many unwanted effects. more ...
Dr Emma Pierce
rob waller 300 Becoming a Christian psychiatrist
Why do I do what I do? What gives me the energy to get up and go to work? How do I know when I am doing enough and not too much? When will I know I have finished? more ...
Rob Waller
personal freedom Personal Freedom
A Christian Psychiatrist shares how the Gospel can be good for your mental health more ...
Ken Yeow
A psychiatrist discovers the life changing power of god
Psychiatrist and Minister Dr Sankay Jain describes his understanding of the causes of and solutions to mental illness, based on his own experience of depression more ...
Sanjay Jain
rob speaking Dr Rob Waller
Dr Rob Waller - Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation more ...