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policies Pastoral Care Policy
This draft Pastoral Care Policy is for you to use, amend and inplement in your own pastoral setting. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
logo square 300 Ending Domestic Abuse - a Pack for Churches
The aim of this policy is to enable the Church to address domestic abuse both within its own community and wider society. Also to work through how to deal with domestic abuse issues in today’s world. more ...
Natalie Collins
carson The Pastoral Care of People with Mental Health Problems
This book, written by a former psychiatric nurse and new testament lecturer, gives an invaluable summary of common mental health problems and their management in the church setting more ...
Marion Carson

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Spirituality in Mental Health ServicesHari Sewell
Slides and Handouts
Length:50 minutes
Hari Sewell from the National Mental Health Development Unit explains, from his background as someone brought up in the church but not currently attending, some of the policy, tensions and challenges that professionals, patients and managers face in making the NHS a place where spiritual matters can be helpfully addressed to the benefit of the individuals mental health. He emphasises the importance of understanding a persons narrative as being the best way spirituality can be introduced.
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