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phone Tracking well? - or going off the tracks? 
Wearable tech and apps are increasingly popular when it comes to monitoring activity, sleep and even eating. But are there some things we need to be cautious about with these apps when it comes to our mental health? more ...
farmland Springtime Anxieties
How are you feeling with the new yaer having started. For most of us, the old anxieties are still there! more ...
Rob Waller
Advert 300x300 Olympic Fury
How are your sports blues going? Does sport bring out the best or the worst in you? more ...
Rob Waller
Perfectionism cover 300 The Poison of Perfectionism
Why do we struggle with perfectionism in the church, what impact is it having on our leaders and how can be receive grace more easily? more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Perfectionism large The Perfectionism Book
Are you driven to succeed but find it hard to relax. Do strict standards dominate your life. This new book from Will and Rob offers a change of perspective - and the tools to get it. more ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller
logo square 300 Clinical perfectionism
Slides and information from a talk given at the Scottish Christian Medical Fellowship day conference on perfectionism, and why it can be a particular problem for Christian doctors more ...
Rob Waller

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Undoing PerfectionismWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Will speaks to Restore's women's conference on the power of perfectionism, what is wrong with it and how to overcome it.
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Perfectionism: Thomas Cramner’s Gospel for the OverachieverAshley Null
Slides and Handouts
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Are we called or driven? Is our identity based on our performance or the performance of Christ on the cross? Drawing on the stories of Paul, the Prodigal Son, the theology of Thomas Cramner and his work with Olympic athletes, Ashley challenges our own attempts at self-medication through achievement and shame-based motivation. He explores how we can make our activities reflect God's healing love instead."
MP3 AudioListen Download 21.6MB