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leaf Learning from Jesus' compassion
How wonderful it would be if we could we follow Jesus in His compassion, and show acceptance, care and love. more ...
Lorraine Gibbard
from over the edge From Over the Edge 
Book review: A Christian’s guide to surviving Breakdown and Depression. more ...
Jon Grogan
Guilt 300x300 The Guilt Book - Radio Review
This short [10 minute] interview on Premier Christian Radio by Andy Dipper and Ruth Jackson looks at The Guilt Book - its aims and target audience, and its main themes more ...
what am i What am I, Where am I, Who am I
This book reviews the place of the creative arts in recovery from mental health more ...
Kirsten Coulter
life-giving path JPEG cover The Life-Giving Path 
Using inspirational stories and creative techniques to guide the reader through a virtual retreat, this book explores ways to finding a more fulfilled and meaningful life. more ...
Helen Warwick
Guilt Book Cover The Guilt Book
Christians struggle with guilt - but feel they should now. How do we tell the difference between True Guilt for which we can ask forgiveness, and False Guilt for which we need to use psychological tools. more ...
Will van der Hart and Rob Waller