"At the 3rd exit bear right , that's what it told me to do,
I'd followed instructions  ever  so well, Did everything it asked me to,
I admit i  was a little distracted as the junction passed me by,
 i thought it must be broken or at the very least it  lied!! 
"Drive 300 yards"  so my heart began to race,
This wasn't familiar to me, i must be in the wrong place.
"Oh no" i  said out loudly, i can see it up ahead,
The traffic is a nightmare so i'll take this route instead.
I wondered where it might take me, i guess i'd find out soon,
Surely they can navigate me if they can land a man on the moon.
Surely it's not that difficult to get from a to b,
Then again i sighed loudly, we're talking about me!
"At the roundabout take the first exit" i  can see diversion ahead,
Impatient and so i decided, i shall try a different route instead,
I knew of a great shortcut, one that they would't  know,
Thank goodness for my sat nav or i wouldn't know  where to go.
" Recalculating"  it stated, There must be an easier way,
Frustrated i turned up my music and thought about what i could say,
My "arrival time" was later than it was going to be before,
I decided i'd just go faster, so i put my foot to the floor.
"Where possible do a u turn" .....no wait, that can't be right,
This road was far too quiet, not a sign of any life.
It was daylight when i left the house, the sun rose in it's dawn,
Oh what the hell i reasoned, i'll just keep driving on.
I check my rear mirrors, I check the side ones too,
I must have confused my sat nav because it didn't know what to do.
I figured i'd make my own path, my own route here in the night,
Ahh i know where i went wrong, i turned left instead of right!
I must have added at least an hour more to my arrival time,
I should have known better, should have got it right first time.
Yet again i checked my mirrors as i began to see,
My past was in the rear one, shouting "Hey, wait for me!"
For a moment i thought of reversing, for a moment i tried to look back,
In that very moment i realised, that road seemed so cold and dark,
"You have arrived at your destination", moral please do heed,
My sat nav is God, the bible my map, I just need to allow Him to lead.

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