The 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Health

When St John's, Bowling, Bradford, decided to restructure their church along cell church principles, the impact challenged the core of their identity. As they worked with the influx of new members, the church adapted and extended the 12 Step programme used in treating addiction. But the 12 steps often led to the '12 step watlz' which went 1-2-3 1-2-3 1-2-3. What stopped people completing the 4th Step. The church realised it was not just a matter of asking for forgiveness from others, but also seeing that others needed to be forgiven, and 'vengeance' left to God. They added an extra half-step that has proved crucial in completing this inward and outward spiritual journey.

From the back cover:

For "alcohol", Howard Astin realized you could read "sin". "By following these Steps, we have seen individuals set free in dynamic ways. We have people who were once seriously addicted now working as leaders. We have seen people who suffered from chronic low self-esteem now holding their heads high. We have seen those with inner pain released: they now have an open face and laughing disposition," explains Howard Astin. This course will prove a most effective means of discipling new and mature Christians alike.
Rob Waller, 28/05/2015
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