The Inner Critic - How To Work With It 

We're all aware of the concept of an 'Inner Critic'. It's that part of yourself which can't seem to bear the thought of you ever making anything of your life. Any time you look like you might be progressing towards healthy personal development, any time you try to exercise a bit of self-compassion - your Inner Critic beats you down. You're you're useless, it tells you, you won't succeed so there's no point in trying.


The Inner Critic can be devastatingly cruel, and those of us who know the importance of self-esteem are tempted to ignore it. However, blanking it out won't make it go away. It may in fact be more productive to listen to the Inner Critic. This does not mean that you should take what it says at face value.

Try to discern the Inner Critic's true motivation. If it's telling you not to try something new, it may actually be attempting to protect you from the heartache of failure.

By engaging in dialogue with the Inner Critic, you may find that you can get it onto your side.

For more on how to do this, read this article:

Mel Vale, 12/05/2015
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