Stranger on the Shore

When I was a child my parents separated. Although it was devastating at the time, I grew up thinking I’d come to terms with not having a father around. In fact, as I moved into early adulthood I found I had unresolved emotional issues, mostly arising from a lack of feeling ‘important’ and jealousy of others. Like many I struggled to identify what it was I actually felt; I just knew it was bad and that I was suffering from what was generally labelled ‘anxiety’, which in turn led to depression. I decided to get some professional help, despite thinking that as a Christian I shouldn’t be feeling that way.
What followed was a journey of self-understanding, and eventually trying to help others as a church leader. Over the years I have come across many people with emotional problems often, though not exclusively, to do with childhood relationships with parents. I wrote a book about my experiences and included personal observations about the many things that make us who we are. I believe that healing begins when we can admit our need without shame, and eventually name our feelings so they can begin to be exposed to God’s restorative touch.

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Anthony Rose, 01/07/2008
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