The Essential Guide to Burnout

Economic pressures, family concerns, worries about jobs and health - many of live with huge amounts of stress. And for many, the stress gets worse - until they find they cannot even get out of bed. Their personality seems ot change, and they realise - I have hut burnout. My mind, body and spirit cannot take any more. Is this preventable? Yes. We can avoid burnout in the first place - and this book will help you, wherever you are on the slope towards it. But if you are in the middle of burnout, this book is the first step towards a full recovery - and it will provide the tools necessary to ensure that you never go back to burnout. Andrew and Elizabeth Procter have years of experience in counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatry.


With a warm, considered approach and a blend of scientific and humanistic language this book has universal appeal. It is easy to read, enriched with case illustrations, and thoughtfully arranged with many helpful and original suggestions for preventing and managing burnout. I envisage this uplifting but realistic text being enormously beneficial for prevention, in addition to an essential guide for recovery. Whether it is you or somebody you know feeling the strain, the descriptions and explanations will enhance understanding and increase the ability to provide support. I cannot praise this book enough. I wish I'd read this years ago.
--Dr Jeannette Phillips, MBBS, MRCP, MRCPsych, Consultant Child Psychiatrist

Our society has been slow to recognise how common burnout is and how damaging it can be, not just for the person affected but also for their family. In this excellent book, the Procters explain in non-technical language what burnout is, how to recognise that you have it (or are at risk of suffering from it), how to recover, and how to avoid a repetition. It contains much good advice, especially about the practical things that you can do to aid recovery, and a number of telling personal accounts that help to increase our understanding of how burnout happens and how it feels to suffer it.
--Paul Britton, MIND

About the Author

Revd Andrew Procter has been an ordained Church of England minister for over thirty years. He serves on the Rochester Diocesan Council for health and healing, and is a qualified and practising counsellor.

Andrew and Elizabeth Proctor, 13/11/2014
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