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Be Happier, Sleep Better, Do More... Why do I feel so bad? I can't be bothered to do anything... How to fix almost anything! I'm not good enough. 10 things to make you feel better

"LLTTF With God" is based on the successful CBT-based website 'Living Life To The Full' which offers some free online course for anxiety and depression. It has  been adapted for Christian users with some faith-based content. The course has been written by a Psychiatrist who has many years of experience using a cognitive behavioural approach and also in helping people use these skills in everyday life. During the development phase of the course, each module has been used by a wide range of health care practitioners and members of the public.

To run this course online, you need to register on their website - - it has nothing to do with logging into our website.
-- Watch this video interview of the course developer, 
Professor Chris Williams.
-- You might like to run a course in your local church or community centre.
-- There are two versions of the online course - one with and one without Christian content - you can switch between the two to suit your needs
-- Each session has an accompanying video from Prof Williams and our Dr Rob Waller that highlights some discussion points for leaders:

videos landing page

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llttfcd --

Buy the Course Pack

The materials we provide are actually quite simple and rely heavily on pictures. There is some Christian content in the online audio, but the Course Pack you will buy is almost the same for every version of LLTTF.

It is you as the facilitator and the conversations you encourage that bring the faith elements. There is an extra handout to help you do this which you should ASK FOR when you buy the pcak. The total cost is around £100 for charities. You will probably want to separately purchase additional copies of the LLTTF 'Little CBT' books for use by course leaders and attendees.


Attend Leaders Training

We recommend you go on an LLTTF Practitioner Training Workshop - usually in Glasgow or Bawtry (Doncaster). These training days are also for all LLTTF teachers but it will help you to learn with people who will be running the course in a slightly different way to you as it will make youthink harder! The day costs about £125.

FIND TRAINING DATES: or contact or 01360 661078

Find a Venue

You can run this in a church, community centre or school - it does not matter. It can be run for people who go to church or who don't, for those with an advanced Christian faith to those just starting out. It is an ideal follow-on from an Alpha course.
The course pack contains 4 A1 posters as well as all you need for the sessions themselves. If you plan to show online extracts from the course, you will need a networked computer and projector, but this is not necessary by any means.

Run without the Course Pack

It is possible to stream all of the materials direct to your group - as long as you have an internet connection and a data projector in your venue. So you do not need to buy the Course Pack. However, this does contain some useful posters and booklets.

We would also strongly recommend you go on Leaders Training [though we can't force you!]. This is hugely beneficial.
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