The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy

By Emily Ackerman

There are different journeys through life, and Emily has travelled much of her journey with Myalgic Encephalitis. We know for her condition what works ‘on average’ as shown by scientific trials – graded exercise, cognitive therapy and (yes) even anti-depressants. But this only applies to the statistical majority. Others live with on-going chronicity, struggling with their ‘thorn in the flesh’. For yet more the penny seems to drop and they wake up changed – but they never know any more. For some, the most logical explanation (and CS Lewis tells us that the logical is what remains after all else has been discounted) is that of supernatural healing. All these are part of Emily’s journey, told here in easy bite-sized chunks.
There is a problem with the ‘black box’ view of healing, where something happens on another plane and you never know why or how. Such healings are of course amazing; but I often feel God has more to teach us, more to reveal of Himself. And, with Emily, we can learn in a deeper way. We can learn how to keep ourselves well, how to overcome the inevitable setbacks and even relapses. And of course we can share this journey with others. So here is her story, as it resonates with the biblical story of Joseph, for us to listen to and learn from.

[Review by Dr Rob Waller]

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Emily Ackerman, 18/08/2014
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