HeadRoom :: Scottish Mind and Soul Conference

Edinburgh - Central Hall, Tolcross

3rd November 2012

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Conference Brochure
Main Stage Slides


One Head Two Cures, John Swinton - Slides, Audio, Research Unit
Living Life To The Full With God, Chris Williams - Slides, Audio, Video, Course, Five Areas
Comedy Slot - Audio, Cartoon
21st Century Challenges, Rob Waller - Audio


Faith and the NHS, Rob Waller - Slides, NES Spiritual Care
Working well with others, Viv Dickenson and Alastair Bennett - Slides, Audio, CrossReach, Bethany
Planning for the unexpected, Marion Carson and Murdo MacDonald - Slides, Policy, Book, CofS Church and Society
Dementia, Paula, CrossReach - Book, Project
21st Century Wallets: Money and your mood, Helen Johnson - Audio, CAP
21st Century Fixes: and introduction to addictions - Slides, Audio
21st Century Families: friends you can choose - Slides, Audio

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