Christian Escape from the Jungle of Depression


This could best be described as a "self-help" book about depression.  It has been designed in easy to read "jargon free"  terminology aimed at the man in the street who may be depressed and wondering what to do whilst he is awaiting professional help.
We aim to encourage the reader to contact their G.P. as the first port of call and always take the tablets prescribed for them.  Each chapter has been written to develop some of the thoughts concerning reasons for depression, as well as looking at ways out of depression.  Every chapter ends with a verse of scripture to help the reader connect with the God who loves them unconditionally, still has plans for their lives and does not "disown" them because they are suffering from depression.
The book has been reviewed by Paul and Barbara Hargreaves on behalf of the book shop at the Abundant Life Centre, Bradford, as follows:
Our first impression of this book is the excellent presentation, for instance, good quality paper, clear print and goals highlighted in yellow at the end of each chapter.
Each chapter covers a particular aspect of depression and takes the reader slowly through manageable steps to overcome the devastating effects depression can have on both the sufferer and the carer.
To begin with Sue encourages people to seek help and realise there is no shame in being depressed. Chapter one deals with "What is Depression", the second "Why Depression" and the third "Discovering a Sense of Purpose". The achievable goals at the end of each chapter help a person to understand what they are going through and how they can overcome depression by taking one step at a time,
Later in the book there is a chapter "Who Cares for the Carer" which gives vital advice to anyone, especially a close relative, trying to help someone with depression.
This is the best book we have ever read on this subject and would highly recommend it to sufferers, carers, counsellors and indeed anyone who wants to understand more about the effects of depression.






Sue Saxon, 01/12/2007
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