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Below is a list of relevant PDF and Powerpoint files to accompany The Worry Book, including a sample chapter and slides to accompany some of the talks you can listen to on the audio and video page. Further down is a list of links to very helpful Questionnaires and some Patient Information Sheets + Workbooks.

 Files to download 
Liberate 2014 - Worry - Talk by Rob Waller [17MB PDF of slides] (17.7MB) 31/03/2014,
Focus 2011 - Worry (10.4MB) 29/07/2011, Slides from Rob Waller's talk on The Worry Book at HTB Focus 2011
Freedom from Worry Presentation - Rob Waller (2.2MB) 20/06/2011, Slides [in PDF format] to accompany the audio on the 'audio and video' page. Delivered at Destiny Church Edinburgh, Feb 2011
The Worry Book Presentation - Will Van Der Hart (1.6MB) 20/06/2011, Slides from a talk by Will to be given over this summer
The Worry Book - Extract (219.2KB) 20/06/2011, Foreword and first chapter in PDF format

Worry Questionnaires

The following questionnaires are in PDF format and may be downloaded and used free of charge. Source references and scoring instructions are included. Provided courtesy of and with permission of Michel Dugas.

WAQ - Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire

IUS - Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale

WW-II - Why Worry-II

NPOQ - Negative Problem Orientation Questionnaire

CAQ - Cognitive Avoidance Questionnaire

Mastering Your Worries

Thess PDF files, mentioned in Appendix 1, are produced by the Centre for Clinical Interventions, a specialist state-wide program that is administered through North Metropolitan Health Services in Western Australia. These downloads are designed to provide you with some information about chronic worrying and generalised anxiety disorder and suggested strategies for how you can manage your worrying and anxiety.  It is organised into modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence.  We recommend that you complete one module before going on to the next. Each module includes information, worksheets, and suggested exercises or activities.

Will van der Hart and Rob Waller, 31/05/2011
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