The road less travelled

A new psychology of hope, love and spiritual values. One of the classics.
M Scott Peck, ISBN 0099727404, direct amazon link

This book tells the story of M Scott Pecks practice as a psychotherapist in the the USA as he learns fro his patients and himself. It is an honest story of "love, hope and spiritual values", in which Grace and the love of God become the antidote to the often dry and cool nature of psychotherapy. Intended for readers of all types, both patients and professionals, both health and currently 'ill'. 

One big advantage of this book is that each chapter is quite short so it is an easy read. It was also written quite early in his career. He became a Christian some years later, but this book is an honest agnostic look at the role of spirituality and what he calls grace in the human mind. You can read another book about Pecks later views - Further along the road less travelled.

M Scott Peck, 07/02/2008
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