The path of loneliness

Loneliness is part of life and can help us discover the true value of relationships. Elizabeth lost her husband away on a missionary trip and has written a number of books about her experiences. Many of us run from loneliness, but she was forced to embrace it.

Elisabeth Elliot, ISBN 080075994X, Link

Summary: This book shows that tears, loneliness and pain in this life are part of a process that will one day be exchanged for wholness - all pain will case and he will wipe away all tears. When we are ill loneliness pours over us. Loneliness can be thought of as a 'gift' that we can give back to God becaue He is about relationship and love. Love of God does not exclude suffering. The author makes it clear how beauty and passion in relationships derive from loneliness. We are all born vulnerable and throughout our lives learn connections, but we only get real security and connection when we trust in God's ways above all else. Faith is the precious factor in this book - it would be terrifying to have no root in this world. We are not doomed to a meaningless existance in this world. A genuineness and sense of clarity pervade this book and this soothes teh reader rather than frustrates. Elisabeth perceives loneliness is a part of human life to be embraced saying that the path of loneliness is the path of holiness. As such she normalises the experiences of those who read it and suffer rather than making them feel ill and deteriorating. She uses the models Jesus himself gave us of suffering - going to the cross, experienced rejection, was despised. Through loneliness we can become spiritually mature.

Best Point: She sees the cross of Christ as being central to her work, giving hope and a clear Christian focus. Sometimes only the tinniets flickjer or glimmer of hope is there, but this has the cross behind it.

Worst Point: The cover is not a picture of loneliness - how about an island capturing the loneliness

Rating: 9

Who should read it: It will especially encourage those who suffer, and may have had a diagnosis of mental illness.


Elizabeth Elliott, 25/07/2008
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