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Last week at the Conference I spoke of a vision for three databases of 7000. These databases would seek to map the multitude of Christians who counsel, Christian mental health projects and mental health friendly churches that I know exist in the UK, but no-one seems to have a real grasp of. Everyone seems to know of a few of these, but there never seem to be enough. But if you add up everyone's 'few' I wonder what this would look like? The idea of the 7000 is based on the encouragement that Elijah received from knowing that '7000 were reserved' apart from him and that he was not alone. In this post, I explore more of this idea and why the databases are so important.


You can read the whole of 1 Kings 19 here: but the relevant points are:

  1. Elijah displays a range of symptoms and behaviours: being afraid, running away, self-isolating, wanting to die, avoiding food and drink, catastrophising (I am the only one left), repeatedly... If you are trying to do pioneering work in your local area, you are likely to be under a great deal of stress. At times, it may seem like yout only chance of nourishment is going to be angelic provision! I don't know if Elijah was depressed as such, but it looks like he had some of the signs. Are you tired, isolated and getting depressed - then be encouraged by the other 7000.
  2. This all took place after a mighty battle. At times we may win victories, and getting 600 people together in Bradford last week was encouraging. But we can't keep looking to events for our encouragement. Instead we need to know that there is a groundswell of grassroots, grounbreaking support for what is going on. God is putting Christianity back into mental health services. I know this is happenning, but the databases will make it clear to us and to others the level of activity that there currently is. Be encouraged, and be empowered.
  3. I wonder what happenned when Elijah met up with the 7000? Actually, he was a bit of a loner, but after him came Elisha, who was much more of a community man. His 'company of prophets' (2 Kings 2, etc) was a place where people could share, learn, be discipled and be disciplined. I am excited by the community that will be facilitated by the databases. This might be case studies, online discussion, local networks, regional facilitators - any number of formats is possible. But I pray that the ministry of Mind and Soul will be more like that of Elisha - a process rather than an event, a company rather than a superman. Beating the prophets of Baal is one thing, but changing a nation takes more than this.

Are you willing to be a local 'advocate' - for example, taking responsibility for mapping a town or a city or even a county. Contact us now.

Rob Waller, 27/03/2009
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