Occasionally you hear about something that really catches your imagination. So it was with Jamie Tworkowski's story of how he met Renee, who was cutting words of hate into her own skin. He longed for her to see that she was worth something, he longed "To Write Love On Her Arms" instead. This [TWLOHA] is the name of a growing movement in the states that is now coming to the UK. Coming from Christian roots, it is also in touch with many aspects of our culture that the church is not.

Self-harm is often talked about in the papers as being the 'epidemic' of our generation, but it is something rarely talked about in churches. It is a taboo subject, and even saying your are depressed or psychotic is preferable. The scars are hidden - and those on TV who show their scars are ridiculed with little understanding or compassion.

TWLOHA is perhaps best known in the UK for the T-shirts they sell in shops otherwise known for dark and depressing merchandise. But there is far more to the organisation. Visit their website to find out more and read the story.

One of the things TWLOHA do really well is connect with the secular organisations who are also passionate about this topic. I can't mention them without mentioning another group who do this well - - check out their website too.
Rob Waller, 17/12/2008
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