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To be spiritually grounded infuses our whole physical and inner life, making our whole existence a spiritual and sacred affair.
Recent news coverage has reported that the rate of psychosis has increased over the last year during the pandemic. Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya gives some practical advice.
The question 'where is God when it hurts?' can be one of the hardest parts of faith. In this article Rachael Newham shares her testimony and explores the power of lament for helping us find joy again.
Many of us are all too aware of how stressed and worn out we are. What do you do when a season of stress just keeps on and on - and you can't stop?
You may be wondering how on earth you can discern between a genuine ‘risk’ and a simple intrusive thought. In this article Will Van Der Hart helps us look at the difference and brings an encouragement for those struggling
After a season of lockdowns, Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya takes a look at Agoraphobia, the fear of crowded spaces and/or going outside. What is it, and what are the treatments?