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still stressed web Still Stressed? How to manage when stretch and pressure keep coming
Many of us are all too aware of how stressed and worn out we are. What do you do when a season of stress just keeps on and on - and you can't stop? more ...
Kate Middleton
Uncertainty The Uncertainty
Your mind will do anything to get away from uncertainty. There is almost nothing that troubles the human brain more than, ‘just no knowing’. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
farmland Springtime Anxieties
How are you feeling with the new yaer having started. For most of us, the old anxieties are still there! more ...
Rob Waller
This week's Mental Health Awareness Week is all about stress - but why are we so stressed out? more ...
Kate Middleton
15aebbf74633f7dc7736db8c5921b9 Worried Why?
It true to say that at no point do we truly view the world with objectivity (that is how it actually is) instead we view it subjectively (that is through the damage, memories and beliefs that we have formed around our world-view) more ...
Will Van Der Hart
tumblrme8hbxkFL71re1snbo1500 The concept of Present Contemplation
This a a fantastic technique to use when struggling with floating worries and troubling thougts. Based on the biblical model of watchful prayer it is a powerful tool in your armoury. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
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WorryJonathan Clark
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Jesus told us not to worry yet worry is endemic even amongst Christians. Worry is often used to create a sense of certainty and control, but the illusion is only temporary and even more worries are generated. What are the factors behind worry? How should we deal with uncertainty? And where does trust and faith fit into the equation?
MP3 AudioListen Download 44.5MB
Undoing PerfectionismWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Will speaks to Restore's women's conference on the power of perfectionism, what is wrong with it and how to overcome it.
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Dont Worry Be HappyWill Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:40 minutes
Will's talk on worry from the HTB Free To Be Conference in London - see the video too at
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Overcoming worry seminar and workshopWill van der Hart
Our Books
Length:1 hour 30 minutes
A seminar to accompany The Worry Book -
MP3 AudioListen Download 43.2MB
HTB Focus - Worry SeminarRob Waller
Our Books
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Given at Holy Trinity Brompton's summer festival called 'Focus' - this seminar covers the first half of The Worry Book. See original talk at
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Worried - Why?Will Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
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Worry and How To Deal With ItWill Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Identity - a sermon from a recent Mental Health Sunday we ran. Church communities - how they can help your mental health.
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