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Uni Web Starting University in 2021
Starting university this year? In this article Rich Wilson, movement leader of Fusion gives his top tips for stepping into this next chapter post-pandemic. more ...
Rich Wilson
stuffoflifecover The Stuff of Life (Book)
This book (kindle and paperback) covers a whole range of mental health issues facing students today. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
psychosis Psychosis and Hearing Voices
Psychosis and hearing voices are disturbing problems for both the sufferer and the person trying to help. Learn about causes and getting help more ...
Rob Waller
freshers 235 Freshers' Week
The chaos, the chances, the importance, the unimportance - and the guide to its survival more ...
Kate Middleton
student Mental health of students
Students leave home, move town, lose support and friends and start a major academic challenge all in the space of Freshers Week! Some thrive, but many really struggle. more ...
Rob Waller
nepal Base Camp - understanding emotions
What do emotions do, why do we have them, how can we learn to manage them better? more ...
Kate Middleton
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