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Be A Friend Image Low Be A Friend     
How can you be a friend to someone with mental health problems? more ...
Rachael Newham
self harm Mums Against Self Harm
Does your son or daughter self harm? MASH is a new blog with resources for mums who want to share, talk and pray with other mums; and bring hope to others in their communities more ...
370px-Orangeribbonsvg Self Harm - World Awareness Day
The story of how one woman went from an eating disorder and regular self harm to working for the national organisation more ...
Rachel Welch
freedom300 The Gerasene Demoniac and Self Harm
Mark 5:1-20 tells a troubling story. A man violently self harms, he screams, he cannot be bound. He has a demon. Then Jesus comes. more ...
Emma Mavin
pablo-4 Responding to Self-Harm     
With the news that self-harm is the leading cause of death for 20-24yr olds - how can we respond? more ...
Rachael Newham
31d90d99e70f3f75c5cdc8ad7ed67c Who I Am
Struggling with self harm for almost 25years is not only embarassing, it leaves you in a very difficult place with God. more ...
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