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God Dark Times Seeing God at Work in Dark Times 
Rosie reflects how she's experienced God whilst parenting a daughter with serious mental health conditions. more ...
Rosie Lambert
lesly-juarez-d44Vd16m0LM-unspl Splashes of colour in a(another) grey day 
How do you find hope in longer-term challenge? How do you find splashes of colour in yet another grey day? how does your brain sometimes make you feel things are much worse than they are in these moments? more ...
dark clouds Waiting for Dawn 
Feeling caught in a dark time or under the weight of something? Here's how hope can come when we least expect it. more ...
Kate Middleton
little light A LITTLE light makes a BIG difference
We can so often feel like to make a difference or bring about change we'd need to do something big - so we can end up doing nothing. But could a little light make a big difference when you face darkness? more ...
Kate Middleton
Slide3 Easter Hope and Mental Health
Is God up there and out of touch, or down here and out of ideas? Or is He neither - but in both places? What does the Easter story tell us about how to understand mental illness? more ...
Rob Waller
51686660720cb5fb0b55z Comfort and Hope in Distress 
In times of real emotional distress it can be so hard to know where to turn, for help. This is a piece I have written about Psalm 42. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
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Media (2 found)

Hope beyond Hope (Audio)Beth Redman
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
Beth Redman speaks about how to have hope, even beyond what seems possible, in the face of lifes challenges, also available as a video from our youtube page -
MP3 AudioListen Download 30.2MB
A Thorn in the Flesh: Finding Strength and Hope Amid Chronic SufferingPablo Martinez
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Understanding and helping when you have a thorn in the flesh (situations of chronic suffering) is not an easy task. We need to focus on the light of hope rather than on the darkness of the trial; to speak of victory rather than defeat; not to be paralysed by the thorn’s venom but rather strengthened by the supernatural antidote of grace. Victory is forged along a costly road that ultimately leads to serene acceptance and to experience the power of Christ that is perfected in our weakness.
MP3 AudioListen Download 18.0MB