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abi-howard-CD8RhVDern0-unsplas 10 tips for creating dementia friendly churches
Dementia Friendly Churches are churches that include and welcome people with dementia. They offer people with dementia respect and dignity, and promote knowledge and awareness about dementia within the local community. more ...
Trevor Adams
family Mental Health Friendly Churches
What makes a church mental health friendly? Some criteria to measure yours by... more ...
Mind and Soul Team
dementia The Dementia Friendly Churches Initiative
The Dementia Friendly Churches Initiative offers a range of services / resources to support churches to become more accessible and inclusive for people with dementia and their carers. more ...
friendlyplacesbutton Friendly Places
We have teamed up with Faith Action to come up with a multi-faith pledge for places of worship to be friendly. Can we do more? more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
magazine Magazine Article about Mental Health Friendly Churches
Short of new year magazine copy? We have made this free magazine article available on the subject of what makes a Mental Health Friendly Church. Please use it in your local church magazine or newspaper. more ...
Rob Waller
Church What can churches do?
This article gives a range of ideas that churches can implement to make themselves more mental health friendly and helpful. Key Message: Simply for church leaders to accept and recognise mental illness and encourage people more ...
John Campbell
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Mental Health Friendly ChurchesRob Waller
Friendly Churches
Length:50 minutes
How can we make our churches welcoming places for people who struggle with their mental health? How are they currently unhelpful and what do they have to offer that is so vital?
MP3 AudioListen Download 45.2MB
A Safe Place - SummaryMarion Carson and Rob Waller
Friendly Churches
Length:15 minutes
Conclusion and summary from the A Safe Place? conference
MP3 AudioListen Download 13.2MB
A Safe Place - IntroMarion Carson and Rob Waller
Friendly Churches
Length:30 minutes
Introduction to the Safe Place conference.
MP3 AudioListen Download 43.7MB