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The drugs do work 1920 × 1080p The Drugs Do Work 
With much in the news recently surrounding the causes of depression, Dr Kate Middleton and Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya dispel some of the myths more ...
Dr Kate Middleton & Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
griefcounselling-web Do I Need Grief Counselling? 
It can often be hard and confusing to know when to seek support for grief. Will unpacks the different stages of grief and gives advise for when additional help might be needed. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
road to joy-web And Yet: The Road to Joy is Paved with Lament 
The question 'where is God when it hurts?' can be one of the hardest parts of faith. In this article Rachael Newham shares her testimony and explores the power of lament for helping us find joy again. more ...
Rachael Newham
WantToDieWeb Book Review: I Love Jesus, But I want to Die 
A review of: "I love Jesus But I Want to Die" by Sarah J Robinson. A book exploring how we can find hope in the darkness of depression. more ...
Darkness Web Depression, Faith and Lockdown
In the pain and darkness of depression George Parsons explains the ways which he's found his faith to have been strengthened. more ...
George Parsons
3bears-web The Three Bears: Anxiety, OCD, Depression 
In psychological diagnostics things aren't always straightforward. In this article Will explores the nuanced nature of our psychological experiences and approaches to recovery. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
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Katharin Welby-Roberts: InterviewThings Unseen
Main AV Folder
Length:25 minutes
Republished with permission from Things Unseen: Katherine Welby-Roberts speaks out about matters close to her own heart – first and foremost mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, which she knows well from many years of her own painful experience. In conversation with Alison Hilliard, Katharine shares her favourite Bible verses and reflects on how they show God as a God of the suffering and anxious.
MP3 AudioListen Download 36.3MB
Things Unseen - Depression and FaithThings Unseen
Main AV Folder
Length:25 minutes
One can have faith but not be immune to depression. Faith is no cure, not even a consolation. Yet ‘poor theology’ leads many to misunderstand, even condemn, the sufferer… and thereby only make the condition worse. First broadcast by Things Unseen -
MP3 AudioListen Download 35.5MB
Undoing PerfectionismWill Van Der Hart
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Will speaks to Restore's women's conference on the power of perfectionism, what is wrong with it and how to overcome it.
MP3 AudioListen Download 32.1MB
Beyond the EdgeHazel Rolston
Main AV Folder
Length:1 hour 0 minute
Hazel Rolston talks about her new book - Beyond The Edge [IVP] - in which she tells the story of her struggle with postnatal depression
MP3 AudioListen Download 21.4MB