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Normal web When Will I Feel Normal Again? 
On this day of National Reflection, Kate Middleton unpacks the effect the pandemic has had on our emotions and how we can process and recover well. more ...
Kate Middleton
Returning to Work 1920 × 1080p Returning to Work: Navigating Anxiety, Race and Gender in the Covid Era 
Dr Selina Stone helps us understand the different racial and gender microgressions which are often experienced in places of work, and gives some helpful tips for if you're feeling anxious about the return to work. more ...
Dr Selina Stone
I need more than wellbeing I need more than ‘wellbeing’
I know that whilst my attempts to retain my wellbeing might be overwhelmed, God’s hand will never let me go. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
When going back is hard -  web When going back is hard...  
Find yourself strangely reticent to get back to normal life? Trying to work out why? more ...
Kate Middleton
Freedom Fear Web When Freedom brings Fear 
Levels of anxiety and distress have been significant as people contemplate what release of restrictions means for their own circumstances. more ...
Kate Middleton
Pandweight1 Healthy Dieting Post Lockdown
Engaging in healthy and sustainable eating habits as lockdown lifts. more ...
Gaynor van der Burton
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Covid on my mind - 8 February 2021.mp3Kate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:36 minutes
Audio of a Christians in Parliament online lunchtime event on Monday 8th February 2021 when Rachael Maskell MP chaired a panel discussion which reflected on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our mental wellbeing and provided practical tips on how to survive and thrive in this challenging season.
Covid on my mind - 8 February 2021.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 31.2MB (36:16)