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priscilla-du-preez-mY1zOqX61yQFrom one mother to another
The practice of solidarity within Christian churches can make a real difference for people with mental illness more ...
Anne Jamieson
marathon-webIt’s a marathon, not a sprint 
How do you just keep going? It's a question a lot of us are asking right now. more ...
Kim Latif
UncertaintyThe Uncertainty
Your mind will do anything to get away from uncertainty. There is almost nothing that troubles the human brain more than, ‘just no knowing’. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Inner Cathedral - W (1)Finding the inner cathedral of peace 
One of the things I am helping folk with during this Coronavirus pandemic is how to handle heightened anxiety and stress. As a Baptist Minister, contemplative and psychotherapist I know this can be approached spiritually and therapeutically. more ...
Shaun Lambert
The Greatest Showman .001Is Self love enough? 
Figures released for Mental Health Awareness Week show so many people struggle with issues around body image. But is self love alone a solution? What does the Bible - and the song 'This is me' have to do with this? more ...
Kate Middleton
phoneTracking well? - or going off the tracks? 
Wearable tech and apps are increasingly popular when it comes to monitoring activity, sleep and even eating. But are there some things we need to be cautious about with these apps when it comes to our mental health? more ...
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Fear and Anxiety - sample sermonHannah Montgomery
Length:30 minutes
Part of a series looking at things that hold believers 'Bound' - this sermon takes Jesus's emotions in the garden of gethsemane as a way to approach fear and anxiety - with honesty but also with hope. Preached by Hannah Montgomery, Central, Edinburgh
MP3 AudioListen Download 16.6MB
Worried - Why?Will Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
MP3 AudioListen Download 20.8MB