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First steps with anxiety First Steps with Anxiety 
If you're experiencing anxiety, in any form, for the first time, it can be difficult to know what can help. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Ash Wednesday Armageddon and Ash Wednesday
This Ash Wednesday, Will unpacks what it means for us to pay attention to what we live for, and gives some practical tips to help us engage with what we see on the news. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Anxiety 1920 x 1080 px Anxiety is Not a Flaw, Failing nor lack of Faith
Anxiety is a normal human emotion, however it's often suggested that it's a sign of some kind of spiritual weakness or lack of faith. Here's Dr Kate Middleton on why that's just not true, and how a life of faith can help us fear less. more ...
Kate Middleton
christmas ranking Christmas Ranking 
As a society we learn to rank things from an early age, right from our first school report cards. In this article Will shares our need to break out of this need to rank everything and everyone. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
When going back is hard -  web When going back is hard...  
Find yourself strangely reticent to get back to normal life? Trying to work out why? more ...
Kate Middleton
Freedom Fear Web When Freedom brings Fear 
Levels of anxiety and distress have been significant as people contemplate what release of restrictions means for their own circumstances. more ...
Kate Middleton
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Media (2 found)

Fear and Anxiety - sample sermonHannah Montgomery
Length:30 minutes
Part of a series looking at things that hold believers 'Bound' - this sermon takes Jesus's emotions in the garden of gethsemane as a way to approach fear and anxiety - with honesty but also with hope. Preached by Hannah Montgomery, Central, Edinburgh
MP3 AudioListen Download 16.6MB
Worried - Why?Will Van Der Hart
Our Books
Length:45 minutes
Why is worry such a problem and how can we learn to worry the right amount about the right things
MP3 AudioListen Download 20.8MB