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barren desert Forgiveness
How often do we live as though we are unforgiven people? How often do we live by guilt? Jesus offers us the miracle of forgiveness that leads to freedom in Him. more ...
632586 Self Harm
A Survivors Story and Testimony -- I can’t really remember the first time I self harmed. I just remember why I was driven to it. more ...
logo square 300 Dissociative Identity Disorder
We have had a number of queries about 'DID' and this article from the PODS website [Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors] is a first response. more ...
Rob and Carolyn Spring
Hopeless Cases?
Is there ever such a thing as a 'hopeless case'? more ...
Kate Middleton
Forgiving The Impossible
Are some things just too difficult to forgive? Like child abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend? Greta Randle's story [in this new book] shows us that forgiveness is not only possible, but that it is hugely liberating for the victim. more ...
Greta Randle
How to talk usefully about the past
We often want to tell our stories - we believe we should and it will be good for us. But it is not always wise. Learn when to tell and how to reach that place more ...
Rob Waller
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The Challenge of ForgivenessGreta Randle
Main AV Folder
Length:40 minutes
Association of Christian Counsellors Chief Executive Greta Randle shares from her new book which tells her own story of abuse, trauma, struggle and ultimately the challenge of forgiveness
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