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blessingcover The Promise of Blessing
A practical and pastoral book about suffering and blessing . How can we hear the promises of God when it seems they are not being fulfilled? more ...
Kate Patterson
Forgiving The Impossible
Are some things just too difficult to forgive? Like child abuse at the hands of a trusted family friend? Greta Randle's story [in this new book] shows us that forgiveness is not only possible, but that it is hugely liberating for the victim. more ...
Greta Randle
A Thorn In The Flesh
Finding Strength and Hope amid Chronic Suffering... Pablo's newest book is written from his own perspective of suffering from a chronic eye disease for many years, but also his wisdom as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and more ...
Pablo Martinez
Beyond The Edge
'Broken, desperate and humiliated, I entered the house. When I saw Steve and Katherine, my heart felt like it was going to explode in agony. They did not deserve this madness in their lives ...' Cut off by a dense fog of post-natal depression more ...
Hazel Rolston
strange In a Strange Land: People with Dementia and the Local Church
Looking at how the local church can include and care for people with dementia, this is a groundbreaking book on a little-discussed subject. They may be in a 'strange land', but have not some of us as well? more ...
Malcolm Goldsmith
Handbook of religion and mental health
A serious summary of a lot of the foundational research into religion and mental health. Reports the results of several thousand research articles looking at how religion and spirituality relate to mental health problems and treatments. more ...
Harold G Koenig
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