Lead Well - The Mind and Soul National Conference

If you have a sphere of influence in society, church or home, then you are a leader!

Saturday 29th September 2018 (Onslow Square, 920-1630) in Central London.

How do you lead others whilst also being attentive to your own emotional health needs? How to you keep your boundaries healthy whilst also being distinctly compassionate and Christian? How can you lead well when you have your own emotional or mental health struggles? How can you influence your leadership context to create a culture that is supportive of people who are struggling with mental health issues? Can you be both an inspirational and also a pastoral leader? How does your faith inform your approach to emotionally healthy leadership? These are just a few of the core questions addressed.

Audio downloads from the main stage

9:30am Keynote 1 Dr Kate Middleton
10:15am Interview Dr Chi Chi Obuaya
11.10am Keynote 2 Beth Redman (Audio) - video here
11.40am Interview Kintsugi Hope Patrick Regan OBE & Diane Regan
1:30pm Dr Rob Waller ‘Mental Health for Managers' [also see notes and slides]
2:30pm Exclusive MASF Film Premier ‘How Then Do We Pray?'
2:50pm Final Keynote- Rev Will Van Der Hart
3:40pm Directors Panel and Q & A


Will you issue CPD certificates? No, the event is not formally registered for CPD, but you should disucss with your peers if it could be counted. Your receipt will function as your attendence certificate.

The Mind and Soul Team, 09/10/2018
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