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Do you have Bipolar or a Psychotic Illness? Can you help with some research? We are partnering with the University of Aberdrrn to find out more about stigma in churches. Read on for more information.

My name is Hannah Waite and I am a PhD candidate in practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen. I am looking to recruit those with bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders who would like to be interviewed as part of my PhD project. My project is concerned with the stigma of mental health challenges within the church. 

It is widely recognised that stigma is a significant dimension and issue regarding those with mental health challenges,. Whilst all mental health problems attract stigma, psychotic disorder and bipolar disorder seem to be particular stigmatised, especially within Christianity. I am interested in listening to those who self-identify as Christian living under these descriptions, who would be willing to share their experiences of stigma with me in complete confidence.

The drive of my research is to gain a better and more complete understanding of what stigma feels like from those who have been stigmatised by due to their mental health problem, and how best the church, the academy and christian's can respond. 

People who are wishing to take part should meet the following criterion: 
1. Persons who self-identify as Christian 
2. Persons who currently, or in the past have experienced a psychotic disorder or bipolar disorder. 
3. Persons who are over the age 18. 
4. persons who are not in an acute phase of illness and do not currently reside within health care facilities. 

Anyone wishing to participate should contact myself at to arrange an interview. 


The Mind and Soul Team, 25/09/2017
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