The Big Mental Health Day

Following on from the launch of the Mental Health Access Pack in 2015 - - we ran an event jointly with Livability.

The links below will download MP3 files of between 20MB and 60MB. For some talks, slides are also available as PDFs. Not all sessions were record.

Download full conference programme including Abstracts and Speaker Biographies - PDF

On Fire or Just Burning Out? (download)
Stress and burnout are major issues in our society today, but how do we balance the demands of our passion and our society to push the limits, with our human needs and limitations? What can the Bible teach us - and those we support - about burnout and how to truly meet our potential?
Dr Kate Middleton, 10/10/2015
Tablets and Talking Treatments (download)
Understand the basics about psychiatric medication and psychological therapies. What works for what and what a helpful Christian perspective is.
Dr Rob Waller, 10/10/2015
The Church and the NHS (download)
How do you get the most from your local mental health services? What do they think of spirituality? This seminar will chart the sometimes rocky path from first symptom to helpful support. The Church needs the NHS, but the NHS also needs the local church.
Dr Rob Waller, 10/10/2015
Generation Distress (download)
Emotional and mental health problems in children and young people – how your church needs to respond. This seminar will help you to think about what you can do to make a difference. We will look at the severity of the problem, consider preventative steps, and how we might promote good emotional health. With frontline mental health services in crisis, how can you and your church help save minds and save lives?
Dr Kate Middleton, 10/10/2015
Interview with Jonathan Clark (download)
Jonathan is the director of Premier Lifeline - - the national christian helpline who help 100000 people each year.
Jonathan Clark, 10/10/2015
Interview with Alison Hogger (download)
Alison trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse, before founding Keeping Health in Mind - - who hope to reduce stigma and to raise the profile of mental health by offering resources to the church and encouraging local churches to be promoters and protectors of good mental health so all can belong.
Alison Hogger, 10/10/2015
Called to Leadership (download)
We know that God has created us all individually, and called many of us to different forms of leadership in the church. But what if some of those experiencing that calling are also struggling with mental or emotional health problems? How can we provide support? Are there ever times or situations where a mental health problem might preclude someone from ministry?
Will van der Hart, 10/10/2015
Pastoral Care (download)
What does it look like to lead and pastorally care for those with mental health needs? How can our responses honour those we seek to support? Exploring a model of good practice, we look at language that helps and positive approaches to prayer.
Jonathan Clark, 10/10/2015
Panel: Experiences of Church and Mental Health (download)
The closing panel from the launch of the Mental Health Access Pack - Phase 2
Panel, 10/10/2015
Your Mental Health (download)
It’s all very well taking time to think about the emotional health of others, but what about our own emotional health? As leaders what should our understanding of emotional health be – and how should our appreciation of our own interact with the work we do to support those struggling? What should we be doing – particularly those of us who are leaders – to look after our emotional health?
Will van der Hart, 10/10/2015
Building a Church Where Everyone Belongs (download)
‘A community comes about when people are no longer hiding from one another, no longer pretending or proving their value to another’ (Jean Vanier). Creating an open-hearted church is no easy task. Drawing from real life examples, we look at the small changes that can help us journey to building genuine, inclusive church communities.
Corin Pilling, 10/10/2015


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Mind and Soul Team, 23/09/2015
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