A Prayer for the Mentally Ill

Be Father Lord, when I turn to run away from your embrace;
Catch me in your strong, sweet caress should I turn from the race,
And when I scream distress, shout not human reason in my face,
But talk me down, softly into a quiet, safe, intimate space.
Bring smiles to shine upon distorted ways, I simply pray,
Change my actions for the better with every passing of the day.
When electrons fire in double speed at a continuous pace,
Into a confined constricted place; capture me in your loving grace!
Quell the doubts kept hidden in garments of praise,
Whilst others whisper words of distaste in judgement’s haste.
Love’s fire flames - scream thoughts, once imprisoned and encased,
Out beyond lives wasted, into the heart’s fertile and limitless place.
Open me again as I stand at a distance, in disbelief and disease;
Soothe me in a quiet voice, as a father who knows and yet is well pleased.
Coax me gently back again as before, into your light of loving grace;
Recapture my tearful face, Daddy, in the palms of your embrace.
Show me love beyond the moon, even in the crevices of sin’s disgrace;
Help me forgive sounds of distrust, sitting in humanity’s disregarding face.
Lead me through shadows of tainted separation, to dance in unity with you,
Entering peace that surpasses all understanding: knowing you to be truth.
Anon, 28/08/2012
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