Healing - a rich deposit

The Christian Fellowship of Healing existed for many years in Edinburgh until 2012. People continue to meet at  Emmaus House and St Cuthberts Church of Scotland. We have made available a large number of their resources on this page in the hope that you will find help, comfort and direction. You can share this page with others with the short URL www.mindandsoul.info/healing
You and your doctor (186.7KB) 03/05/2012,
Who said it was incurable (165.7KB) 03/05/2012,
What do you expect (164.5KB) 03/05/2012,
We are healing all the time (175.0KB) 03/05/2012,
Understanding me (157.4KB) 03/05/2012,
Three prayers (184.9KB) 03/05/2012,
Light in darkness (168.3KB) 03/05/2012,
Forgiveness (156.4KB) 03/05/2012,
Crisis (152.2KB) 03/05/2012,
Spiritual disciplines (177.9KB) 03/05/2012,
Praying for healing (153.3KB) 03/05/2012,
Prayer is our job (165.0KB) 03/05/2012,
Pray for (189.5KB) 03/05/2012,
Listening to God (149.6KB) 03/05/2012,
Inner healing-The healing of Memories (175.5KB) 03/05/2012,
How we deal with prayer requests (167.8KB) 03/05/2012,
His tool rack (168.5KB) 03/05/2012,
Healing times and spaces (181.7KB) 03/05/2012,
Hand Prayers (170.6KB) 03/05/2012,
Prayer research (154.4KB) 03/05/2012,
Mind and Soul Team, 03/05/2011
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