Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering  

Trystan Owain Hughes was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition at the age of 34. But rather than focus on his pain and suffering, Trystan looked for (and found) new, deeper sources of hope and meaning in it.

He suggests that learning how to suffer and how to wait patiently may be the secret of finding joy in our lives. Combining practical advice, personal reflection and theological evaluation (with a good smattering of humour), he provides a book unlike any other on the market – a book that faces the misery and debilitation of suffering in a thoroughly honest and life-affirming manner.

Aware that suffering is not just his own experience, Trystan writes in a popular, lively and contemporary style to encourage us that however bad things seem we are never completely helpless and through facing our suffering we can learn to truly live.


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Trystan Owain Hughes, 15/04/2010
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