Sarah Shaw looked in control of her life, had a successful career as a manager in retail business but eventually came to a point where she “snapped” and was put on a lifetime’s incapacity benefit. The consultant psychiatrist assigned to her admitted he had come to the end of how he could help without using electric shock treatment. Nobody knew she had been emotionally deprived and severely abused up to the age of 18. Yet, this is not a story detailing the horrors of Sarah’s abuse. It is a story of a profound journey, facing and unlocking the pain and bringing extraordinary healing through Jesus Christ.

“So many abused, hurting people don’t understand their brokenness. They are stuck, as I was, in the tormenting outworked symptoms of guilt and self-hatred, multiple fears, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, eating disorders, and even self-harming and suicidal tendencies. The book gives insights into the Christian healing ministry I received through Ellel Ministries and offers hope to victims of abuse, without negating the reality of desperate inner conflicts and struggles.” - The Author

“So many people around the world have been abused, and often their pain is muffled by secrecy. Thankfully the woman who wrote this book has decided to expose her pain to the light of Jesus Christ. By doing so she has found total healing – and I believe her decision to share her painful secret with the world will help many other abused people find complete emotional recovery.”

[from the book review in Charisma magazine]

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Sarah Shaw, 01/12/2009
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